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I will release two songs every year – Lady Mariam

Lady Mariam says someone who claims that she went off the scene and out of form, is one who isn’t her fan. But argues that true fans are those who ardently follows a singer’s music. She has sung for 11 years now with numerous singles such as Tindatiine, Tugyeite, Nshagara, Nze wuwo, and Silikusuula.



Describe Lady Mariam..
Lady Mariam is a woman from Mbarara. My heritage has a combination of Ankole and Rwandan roots. People decided to call me by the name of my song and I am okay with it.

You say your name is Kemigisha but you have been known to others as Namukasa. Tell us about it.
Fans came up with it and I have no problem with it.

My best friend …
I have had one whose name is Kate. We became friends in primary school, and she was also my neighbour. We separated because she moved on after getting married. For some reasons, people change, so I have few friends but not best friends.

My first job…

My first salary…
I dressed two people and I was supposed to give the boss Shs20,000 and remain with Shs10,000.

My first boyfriend…
We were young but I shall not say the name. That relationship was funny because of the nature of dates we used to have. We would go eat fruits, walk around holding hands, among other things and we did not fight.


My first song…
Tindatine. I call it an anthem. I did not expect it, and coming to terms with the fact that I was the singer took me three years.

Did you release any other song thereafter?
Yes, I have released many other songs, although they are not such hits. They are on online platforms such as on YouTube.

My fear is …
Going on stage and they insult me for my tribe. Remember that we singers, our work is psychological. So if someone insults you, the mood, and love for the performance at that point is spoilt.

My worst memory…
When I was a child, I suffered from malaria for a long time . I think I was half dead.

My best memory…
My first trip to perform in London. The performance was wonderful, and the audience was cheerful.

Your biggest life lesson …
I have learnt that sometimes we have to be content with the little we have. Musicians book ‘thousands’ of shows that they will not be able to go and perform at. You are not an angel to fly. I rather get my Shs2m and catch enough sleep than to get Shs10m with my heart on the road.

Some tabloids have reported you to be in a number of relationships. Tell us about it?
First of all, people ought to learn that I also have close friends. The reports are false and I am in a relationship, but I will not tell you who the lucky guy is.

Your ideal man is…
Humane, God-fearing, tall, handsome, and not one from my tribe.

What you like about your career…
Music keeps you happy at all times. You have to smile, irrespective of what you are going through.

What don’t you like about your career…
Lack of privacy and being a nocturnal. We move mostly in the dark hours of the night, and I do not like it because it is not so desirable.


What makes you smile?
Whenever I see someone happy.

Had you not been a singer…
I would be a serious businesswoman that deals in foodstuffs.

What are you up to?
I’m working on my upcoming album. It is about to get done, and it will be quality music. I will be releasing two good songs for you every year.

My first time on stage…
First of all I was 17 and in Senior Four. I was tiny and timid. People almost stopped me from singing because I did not look like what the one they watched in the video.
It took me greeting them in Runyankole and doing a cappella. I had stage fright because I am shy.



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