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A lil’ taste of the handshake

FACINGMUSEVENI: “Today, my daughter Jennifer Nakanguubi (she says her other name is Full Figure) paid me a visit at State House Nakasero,” President Museveni tweeted. This tweet was met with mixed reactions as many knew Full Figure to be a loud member of the People Power group. However, not long after, we saw photos of music promoter and socialite Charles Olim, alias Sipapa, making rounds on social media. In the photo, Sipapa was shaking hands with the President. While the Public Service Commission works on approving their designations as special presidential envoys, Gabriel Buule finds out how these people and others got to meet the President and what they talked about.

Godfrey Sseguya (Kayibanda)

If Museveni leaves, there will be a lot of suffering

Kayibanda is a popular local comedian, singer and radio personality whose rise to the limelight was felt when he was at CBS radio.

His meeting with the President was nearly a shocker since he is not as influential as he once was.

Kayibanda told Sqoop magazine that President Museveni is helping Ugandans by offering to be a leader because at this time, he would rather be enjoying his life at the beach but his absence will create a lot of suffering.

The conversation

“I had for years longed to see the President and my chance came through Full Figure, who called me and said she was taking me to the President together with other people, though I only remember Rasta Juuko.

The President told us that he was being let down by some NRM members who have failed to bridge the gap between him and the people and that he was assigning us to take up that responsibility.

I told the President that people do not love him because they are being fed with lies and I asked him to create room for people to love their country.

I asked him to find a way of allowing security forces to go to schools and associate with the young people so that they do not grow up with a negative mentality about them. The President promised to help the entertainment industry and he was so happy that while I am a comedian, I am intelligent and it was the reason he put me among the team that will be working on the ground.”

Charles Olim, aka Sipapa

The President made me an offer, I refused

A popular music promoter, Charles Olim is also a reported businessman in Mbale, nevermind rumours of a questionable past.

However, little is known about his background and path to wealth as he chooses never to share details.

Sipapa met the President at State House, Entebbe and their meeting was made public on the Uganda Media Centre website.

The caption: “The President cordially welcomed him and urged the youth in the country to vote leaders who would genuinely listen to their concerns and create lasting solutions to them.”

Sipapa told Sqoop magazine that it took him nearly a year trying to meet the President and it took some connections to make it happen.

The conversation

“My intention was to tell the President some of my problems and ask him to help the youth financially.

I had been helping the youth for long, but it is not my job.

The President is a very good man whose efforts can only be appreciated when one meets him. The man is a real parent and his heart can only be compared to a Catholic priest.

In our conversation, I told the President that I had been sending him several proposals but he said he had not seen any. He, however, said he had heard about me helping the youth and when he asked what motivates me, I told him I am a firm supporter of his government.

The President asked how much I wanted as a token of appreciation but I refused his offer and instead asked him to officially allow me continue to help the people on his behalf.”

Eddy Kenzo. Photo by AlvinSights

Eddy Kenzo

Meeting the President was a blessing

Not long after their meeting, Multi-award winning singer Edirisa Musuuza, popularly known as Eddy Kenzo, revealed to a press conference that President Museveni was chosen by God for a reason.

And in that light and many reasons, he could not look away from a chance to meet and dine with the Fountain of Honour. “I feel blessed that I met the President. This will inspire other unprivileged children to know that they can be successful one day,” he said.

In his statement, Kenzo rubbished statements that he had been pushed to meet President Museveni, saying it is because of his contribution to the country that the President invited him.

Even though he had been vibrant in the People Power political pressure group, Kenzo said he would not be rallying behind Bobi Wine anymore.

The conversation

People have accused me of very many things following my meeting with the President but truly, I have stood for the people and People Power more than any other person.

When my brother (Bobi) was arrested I released a song, Biwoobe, and later Volongoto in a spirited fight for his freedom. I sang at Bobi’s Kyarenga concert for free and I never asked for even a bottle of water. I cannot betray my people and the ghetto but it would be betrayal when I get a chance to meet the President and I refuse. It was by the will of God because it was a chance for me to address issues in the ghetto.

I told the President about the music industry, the youth and the ghetto, I told him there is a big gap between him and the ghetto people.

I asked him to come to the people so that we resolve our demands and I told him that in the music industry, many would love to go international but they lack capital, so I asked him to sponsor music videos for artistes if he can.

 (Adapted from NTV Mwasuze Mutya)

Jennifer Nakanguubi, aka Full Figure

President Museveni is like Jesus

Her claim to fame may be the noise she made in People Power, but before that Full Figure was trying her luck with music, a career that could have lasted as long as her first hit Silver and Gold.

Full Figure says she met the President at her own will, having searched for him with the intent to vent her frustrations as a Ugandan.

She says as a daughter to a war veteran who died at the battle front, she was forced to wage a verbal war against the government and People Power Movement.

In her conversation with the President, Full Figure says they agreed that she looks for children of other fallen fighters so that they can get help.

“I am now a State House employee working for President Museveni and besides my salary as a worker, the President facilitates all my assignments since I work for him.”

The conversation

“President Museveni is a good leader and an easy person to meet, but he hates people who praise him. He can only respond to you if you tell him the truth.

President Museveni is like Jesus. He welcomed me well, listened to me and assigned me to take to him artistes, single mothers and youth to help them get out of poverty.

I am going to ensure that more musicians get a chance to meet the President and among those is Bobi Wine, who is currently out of the country but as soon as he comes back, I will convince him to meet the President so that they come to an agreement. Bobi Wine spends so much time fighting the President instead of deliberating important issues in Parliament.”

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