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The powerful women of this generation though

CHANGING TIMEs: Ask around for the women who defined the 90s and you will have names such as Specioza Kazibwe, Cecilia Ogwal, Winnie Byanyima and Miria Matembe… fast forward, drop the same question and you will get a Sheilah Gashumba, Bad Black and Kapa Cat. Welcome to the millenial era!

In the early 90s, the women movement was evidently strong in the country. Even more outstanding were the faces of this movement. The women that called the shots in the 90s were worth their popularity. You had the likes of Cecilia Ogwal, you had a Miria Matembe, you had a Winnie Byanyima. Wherever one turned, there was a voice of a powerful woman. Fast forward, and Uganda has a new set of powerful women. They call the shots, or at least they make us believe they do.

Catherine Kusasira

Not a week passes without the special presidential advisor appearing in the press for both the wrong and right reasons. Last week, she rejected all informal requests to meet up with the NRM Kampala leadership. She demanded that given her new status, she is supposed to receive a written request three weeks prior. The special advisor on Kampala affairs has taken the city by storm both literally and figuratively, for she moves with some of her greatest assets.

But then again, in a city where Buchaman is an ‘army commander’, in a city where Sipapa is a ‘billionaire’, then Kusasira towers above all as one of the last few sober minds left. But if it were upto Kasirye Gwanga to vet the appointees, you can all imagine what would happen to this powerful lady of Kampala.

Full Figure

Although Full Figure was once known as an ‘artiste’, now, it would take a grand lottery to pinpoint her current profession. She once branded herself as a People Power activist. Then the first People Power appointments were made, and her name was missing on the list. The queen of verbal artillery resurfaced in State House full of nothing but praises for the man with the hat.

Full Figure is as full as they come, she has both NRM and People Power blood. She is not afraid of backtracking on her word. Even the look on the President’s face expressed doubt. But then votes are votes, it does not matter who brings them, if there is a promise that they will be delivered. Let’s welcome Full Figure, the mover and shaker of Kampala.

Bad Black

Thought Leadership is a term used by men and women in the corporate world to disguise their corporate incompetence… mbu! Everyone uses the term but not a single person can define it. But since thought leadership is about opinions and claiming to be subject matters, then you can call Bad Black the new thought leader of 2019. The queen of Snapchat will always have the last word on every trending subject in the country.

It is not that hard to make it in Uganda. You just have to stir up some controversy, then make up a little bit and before you know it, Ugandans will accept you as one of their assets, aka people of national importance that deserve special protection. Bad Black is the millennial’s version of Sylvia Owori. Except that where Owori had an African Woman magazine, Bad Black has Snapchat.

Kapa Cat

If you have heard the song Sikyo then you need not ask anymore. In a country where the door into the music industry is enormous, welcome the phenomenal Kapa Cat. She is the 2019 storyteller taking us on the journey of public truths. Do you all remember that staunch Born-again girl whose pregnancy shocked everyone? She talks about such things.

But why Kapa Cat of all names? Why both the Luganda and English versions of the same? It is all about talkability, anything that gets people talking is worth doing in this city. Sikyo?

Sheilah Gashumba

Sheilah Gashumba is making this list not because there is another Commonwealth summit, but because she has successfully disturbed the country. There has not been a month when Sheilah did not make it to the news for something. It is either Amanda has some new insights about her relationship or she is taking people on a tour of God’s Plan and his ‘many properties’. But thanks to Sheilah Gashumba, Kampala slay queens finally have some breathing space from Frank Gashumba. Now they can party in peace for they have a rebuttal for each of his criticisms. They keep praying day and night that Sheilah never backtracks.

Ritah Kaggwa

It is almost impossible to mention Sheilah Gashumba and miss out on a Ritah Kaggwa. She is Uganda’s version of Linda Ikeji, only that she runs her media house on Facebook. She has had battles with Frank Gashumba and it has always gone either way. And in moments when Sheilah is rocking the boat with God’s Plan, there is no sweeter spot for Ritah Kaggwa. As they say, the times, they are changing. The powerful of 2019 pale in comparison to those of the 90s. But then again, the audience of 2019 is not any better.

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