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Finally! Kenzo brands himself President of Love Niggas

Kenzo shortly after returning home from the USA on Tuesday. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa

For the past two weeks, the word Love Nigga has been trending. This comes after Sheikh Muzaata who attended Rema Namakula’s visiting ceremony with Dr Hamza Sebunya branded Kenzo a love Nigga who didn’t want to marry Rema because it is the best word that  can define men who stay with women but don’t want to make relationships official.

As the word made rounds referring to Kenzo, he complained about it saying Muzaata insulted him.
Upon his arrival this week from his US tour, Kenzo returned amid chaos at the Airport and when he was addressing the press shortly after settling down, he said that there was nothing wrong the crowd did to be arrest rather than coming to pick their Love Nigga President from the airport.

“All of my friends here are Love Niggas and from today onwards, allow me be your President,” Kenzo said.

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