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Winnie Nwagi shows why she deserves a concert at Roast and Rhyme

Winnie Nwagi put up a short but great perfomance at the do. (Photos by Michael Kakumirizi)

For over four years that she has been signed to Swangz Avenue, the just concluded Roast and Rhyme is the first event that Winnie Nwagi has been on stage as the headlining act and her performance though short, proved why she deserves a bigger stage.

We haven’t established why Winnie Nwagi was on stage for less than 30 minutes but her short performance left many yearning for more. She mixed up her performance with both original and cover songs.
Among her original compositions she performed include ‘Matala’, ‘Fire dancer’, Kano koze’ and ‘detergent’ while doing ‘Maddox’s ‘Omukwano’ among her covers. She executed them to perfection and when she stepped off stage, many thought she was returning for her second session which was not the case.

The Mayanja brothers surprised the crowd with a perfomance

The edition that was dubbed ‘Thanksgiving’ and powered by Bell lager also had Isaac Rucci and his band also performing a performance that took the audience to church for a moment, making some skimpily dressed ladies with beers in their hands abandon the beer to praise the Lord.


He took the audience down memory lane with songs such as ‘No limit’, ‘Clap your hands’, ‘fall in Love’ and ‘resolution’ all under Limit X among others but it was ‘Malibongwe’, perhaps their most popular song that had everyone dancing and singing along.

The show even had Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso putting up a surprise performance which excited the revellers.

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