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Shifah Musisi announces debut concert

You have probably seen her music on TV, in those luxurious videos and soulful sounds. Well, even with all that talent, you will be shocked that Shifah Musisi, a designer and artistes has never held a solo concert. Last year, she was meant to host the Unveiling of Shifah Musisi but ended up cancelling the show.

But this year, she walked the whole mile and in a few weeks, she will be serenading fans at the Golf Course Hotel on November 1. She says she went through a lot last year that she realised it wasn’t the right time to host the show, she moved it to this year.

Under the same name, Unveiling Shifah Musisi, she says this year she is more than ready. The show that will be produced by Fenon with producer and artiste Kaz Kasozi as the music director will be a journey of Musisi’s music that goes beyond soul, ethno and bits of storytelling.

According to Kasozi, the show will not be what many have seen, but an experience, a story; “this will be a movie, people should come expecting more.” Musisi, talking to journalists at Golf Course in Kampala today morning noted that she’s working on more music that people will get a glimpse of at the show, while the other will be released after the show. The show will be graced by artistes Kenneth Mugabi, Geosteady and Jose Sax among others.

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