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Salvador confirms beef with Alex Muhangi, hopes for reconciliation

Patrick Salvador (R), Alex Muhangi (L)

When Patrick Idringi Salvador started a parallel comedy show at Kingdom Hall in Kampala, fans jumped into conclusions that he had started the show to directly compete with Alex Muhangi, who he had apparently fallen out with.

Though the two comedians had for long denied rumours that they were holding serious grudges against each other, Salvador has finally admitted that things have not been well with his long-time best friend Alex Muhangi for the last 10 years.

In a birthday message on his Instagram account, Salvador expressed regret over their fall out and hoped that they would one day reconcile.

“10yrs of hard work to be where we are, but all we can show now is bad blood between us, but this has been a tradition for me coz you are a brother and brothers do fight but eventually reconcile, one day we shall reconcile,” the post reads in part.

He went ahead to wish Muhangi a happy birthday.

“You are an amazing soul and all I want to wish you today on this big day is nothing but God’s blessings… Happy birthday @alexmuhangi… May God shower you with blessings all night all day till the end of time.”

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