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Promoter explains why Kenzo snubbed Independence day performance

Since the start of August 2019, till the d-day, it had been hyped and advertised that singer Eddy Kenzo would headline at Selfie Nite, a comedy and music show at Theatre Labonita on Independence.However, just a few hours before the show, Kenzo posted on his Facebook Page that he would not perform at the event, as he was out of the country preparing for a performance in Columbia, South America.

His statement left many of his fans wondering what happened between him and the organisers of the event.

When contacted, Sula Buyondo, the promoter of the show expressed disappointment in the singer’s decision to snub the show.

“Kenzo received a deposit of Shs2 million shillings from me personally, at his big talent studio on the 4th august 2019. We agreed that the show was on, but he went against our agreement and left the country on the 6th. On top of that, he promised to make me a drop, which he also failed to do.”

It is reported that things took a new twist when Kenzo’s manager beta bitterly complained to Kenzo after he was left out of the deal.

“The next thing I knew was Beta telling me on 20th September, that they had canceled the show. I was bewildered but told them to return my deposit, which they promised to do in one week, but that didn’t happen,” he says.

However, Buyondo reveals that Kenzo’s promoter called him ten days later to confirm that the show would go on.

“I was surprised when they again canceled it off later on. I asked for the deposit so as to book another artiste. We, however, both agreed that I wouldn’t change the adverts, because it was too late, but I replaced him with Bebe cool.”

Apparently Bebe Cool consented to the agreement and knew of the arrangement.

Beta, Kenzo’s manager, however, says the show promoter did not use the right channels to sign a contract but instead hijacked the artiste.

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