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Pia Pounds to insure her legs and booty

Funny, right? Like who in UG even does that? But hairing aside, bambi we can agree that Pia Pounds is one of the sexy female musicians we have.

Yes, she is a musician, only that her big break is yet to come. And before it does, the Big Talent-signed artiste is serving us some interesting tweets, the latest being that she plans to insure her butt, legs and hips.

In her tweet, she says she will do this for just in case…just in case oba what? Haters decide to attack her? Anyhow, with a celebrity photography (Daville) for a fiancée, we can only imagine the rivals giving Pia sleepless nights.

When contacted to know how and where she will be taking business, the Sili Muyaye singer said she was only joking, but in future if she finds money, she will definitely consider insuring those same body parts.

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