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People should stop demeaning Kenzo and Rema- Halima Namakula

Rema and Kenzo

Local artist Halima Namakula who has for long identified as Rema Namakula’s mother has finally spoken out about her absence at her daughter’s recently concluded Kukyala ceremony.

She has also asked people to stop meddling in Rema’s affairs and also respect Kenzo because the two are parents who are both aware of their decisions.

“Public should stop demeaning both Kenzo and Rema. Many people fail to make decisions but the two did. I like Kenzo as the father of my grand-daughter and as a person I know. And I welcome Dr Ssebunya, Rema’s new husband and on the introduction day I will be there to bless the two,” she added.

“Rema is isn’t underage and is of a sound mind and so she is ready to marry any man of her choice and as a parent, I’m supposed to bless and advise her in her new marriage.

Kenzo and my daughter are two grown people who have lived together for a few years and have a child together, they’ve been a couple long enough to decide whether they belong together or not.

Social media will always write what they want to keep their so-called likes. Let us not Judge Kenzo or Rema but support them. They are young people who were still experiencing love at first sight, now they are grown and have decided to move on.”

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