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Pastors Sempa, Male not pleased with how SK Mbuga was welcomed back

A few days ago, socialite SK Mbuga was released from Sweden prison where he had been locked up over allegations of fraud committed by him and his wife Vivienne Mbuga after approximately one year and eight months.

Immediately after he was released, he got on a plane and returned to Uganda. While is fans and friends were happy that he was free and went to the airport to welcome the self-proclaimed tycoon, his return however didn’t please some people, Pastor Sempa and Pastor Male to be specific.

Pastor Sempa said it doesn’t make sense for someone who has been imprisoned for over a year to be welcomed lie a medal winner. “I wonder how Ugandans can be so excited to welcome back someone who has been arrested for committing offenses like as though he had won a medal for Uganda.” Pastor Sempa said while speaking to a spark TV correspondent.

Pastor Male came out to also condemn the act, “it beats my mind how people who do good things for the country are not welcomed with joy but people who have committed offences are welcomed very well.” He went on to say that Uganda’s values as a country are depreciating as we don’t understand our virtues anymore.


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