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Muzaata lauds Rema for getting rid of ‘playboy’ Kenzo

As you may all be aware, dimpled local artist Rema Namakula will not be cozying up with fellow singer Eddy Kenzo anymore. Her heart now belongs to a gynecologist, Hamza Sebunya.

The deal was signed, stamped and sealed by their families yesterday at a Kukyala ceremony at Rema’s parents’ home in Nabbingo and the new couple intends to host a mega Kwanjula (traditional marriage) on November 14, 2019.

Speaking at Rema’s Kukyala yesterday, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata lauded Rema for getting rid of the love niggas and finally settling with someone that has given her family so much respect, by following the common cultural practice of marriage.

“Those love niggas are never serious. They are hypocrites in love, they pretend to love you but they don’t. They don’t marry, they will tell you they want someone who has the same manners as their moms. Go and marry your mom, if you want someone like her,” he said.

Although Muzaata did not mention any names, it was clear that he was sending an indirect message to Kenzo, as he’s the only man that has been known to have a love relationship with Rema. In fact, their relationship resulted in the birth of a child.

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