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Mechanic accuses Chameleone of failure to clear Shs11 Million debt

Jose Chameleone’s vehicle, said to have been repaired at Kasim Auto Spares

A mechanic at Kasim Auto Spares in Kampala is accusing singer Jose Chameleone of failure to clear a debt worth Shs11 million, accrued from repairing his vehicle- Escalade. 

In an interview with Spark TV, the mechanic explained that it’s close to three months since he repaired Chameleone’s vehicle, but has not received a single penny from the singer. 

“I repaired his car, installed a new gearbox, brake fluid, computer and programming, front hub and bearings, fuel nozzles, plugs, tyre repairing, labour, among other things,” he said. 

The mechanic further explained that after the work was complete, the vehicle was picked up from his garage by Moses Kalule of the Ebonies. 

He also accused the singer of leaving behind a dilapidated Subaru as security. 

“The Subaru is in a very poor condition, lacks an engine and even if sold, I would only get Shs3 million from this shell,” he said. 

He added that when he reported the case to Katwe Police station, he was referred to the OC CIID, who asked him to resolve the issue amicably with the singer. 

When contacted, Chameleone’s manager Mr Robert Nkuke alias Mutima revealed that he was aware of the issue but declined to give further information and hang up. 

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