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Mbonye shows up in convoy for second CIID summon

Joseph Kabuleta speaking to the press at the CIID offices

Recently media reports stated that Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Directorate (CIID) had summoned Prophet Elvis Mbonye of Zoe Fellowship over decampaigning the national immunization drive.

It is reported that a one Mugisha Elvis Mbonye account was misinforming the public on the mass immunization exercise of Polio, measles and Rubella.

At the time of the summon, Prophet Elvis was on leave out of the country but he immediately returned on Monday this week and reported to the CIID offices in Kibuli.

Some of the cars that escorted the prophet

However, without any conclusions reached, he was asked to return today (Wednesday, 30 October.) Mbonye returned in a show-stopping manner, in a convoy that included his two range rovers and a trail of other SUVs, Land Cruisers, Benzs etc.

The Prophet was also flanked by a number of remnants including Joseph Kabuleta, Simon Ssenyonga one of his lead counsels, Apostle Goodwill Magezi, Bishop K. Wisdom, Prophets, Ronnie Kabwama, Michael Kigganda, and Ernest Namara among others.

The CIID bosses were however a no show. Whatever kept them away from seeing the Prophet at a date and time they had given him remains a matter of speculation at the moment.

The Prophet has been asked to return on Monday, but his counsels will be representing him from now on.


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