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Maureen Nantume back safe after being deported from US

Last weekend, musician Maureen Nantume and comedian MC Mariachi were deported by the US government after failing to produce documents to support their visit to the country.

It is also said Mariachi had succeeded with his visit but when Nantume failed to explain, she was asked who she came with and that is how the comedian was also sent packing.

When we contacted Mariachi to explain his side of the story, he refused to comment while Nantume, a member of the Golden Band, just said what matters is that she is home safe.

“The only thing I can say is that I am glad I am back home to Uganda,” she said. The two artistes were invited to perform in the US but the organisers of the event who included Sarah Zawede could not afford their permits, hence reportedly lying in the Visa applications that they were invited for a birthday celebration.

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