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Kenzo responds to Muzaata’s humiliating comments

Eddy Kenzo

Award-winning singer Eddy Kenzo has penned an emotional response to the humiliating message that Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata sent to him in a speech on Wednesday during Rema’s Kukyala. 

Rema introduced her new catch to her family members on Independence day, and when given a chance to speak at the event, Sheik Nuhu Muzaata, the Public Relations Officer for the Kibuli Muslim sect made comments that were meant to humiliate and demean kenzo. 

One of the comments was against Kenzo’s mother, who died a long time ago. 

Muzaata congratulated Rema for fleeing Kenzo’s home for Dr. Hamza Sebunnya, saying Kenzo was a playboy who was not willing to marry her. 

In a rebattle post on his Facebook page last night, Kenzo said he gets deeply hurt by anyone that tries to disrespect his mother. 

“Thank you Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata that humiliating message but my mother died 20 years back that is why you are seeing me in this category. I wish she was alive I would have not been like this.” Kenzo wrote in a message that was mostly in Luganda. 

“I’m so sensitive when it comes to my mother because she wanted to groom us in a good way so that we also get to the same level as all of you. I have been going through alot in this relationship. I’m a strong person but sometimes it gets beyond me.” 

Rema is said to have walked out of Kenzo’s Seguku home in August and is reportedly living with Dr. Hamza Sebunya at their rented home in Namugongo. 

The couple is slated to have a traditional wedding on November 14, 2019. Dr. Sebunya is a gynecologist at Mulago National Referral Hospital. 

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