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Kalifa tips Spice Diana on loving him

Will Aganaga ever achieve his target? Courtesy Photo

It is clear that Kalifa Aganaga has not outgrown his crush for fellow singer, Spice Diana.

From announcing publicly that he that he would put a ring on her, to interjecting in her performances, he just seems head over heels for her.

Now yesterday happened to be Spice Diana’s birthday, though as we all know by now, that Uganda celebrities especially the female, have mastered the art of trimming their ages, so we weren’t able to capture how old she was making.

But as a way to wish her a happy birthday, Kalifa couldn’t find any other way, but to express his forever undying love for Spice in a message.

He wrote; “I hear you saying mbu wasimatuka ex. Let me hope it’s not me you’re meaning. I can’t stand being your ex. Please avoid gravity and personal doctors. Happy birthday spice omu bwati”

Ahem ?

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