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Is Fresh dady ready for a concert?

Holding a concert is one of the most difficult things in the music industry. Most times, it is a determining factor whether someone has made it in the music industry or not. It can either make or destroy your career if you are not extremly careful.

However, the question still remains. When is the right time to hold a concert? Some musicians do it after two years into their career while others do it after ten years and some have never done it despite how long they have been in the industry.

Fresh Daddy is going to do the unbelievable. the singer who has been in the music industry for less than six months and has only two songs to his name is planning on holding a concert.

The ‘Mazike’ and ‘bucuupa’ singer is signed to Khalifa Aganaga’s bad character records.

The concert that is dubbed ‘Mazike bakyaawa’ is slated for 2nd of November at Eden service park Bwaise at a fee.

The question is, is Fresh Daddy ready enough to hold a concert and does he have anything to lose if the concert doesn’t work out for him?

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