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Irene Ntale inspired to also walk out of relationship


Rema’s introduction ceremony that happened on Independence Day has got people talking. While the Twitter and Facebook relationship counselors have got busy, other women have used this as a chance to look into their current relationships and to re-strategize.

One of those people that are self-evaluating is local artiste Irene Ntale. In a congratulatory message on twitter, Ntale commended Rema for taking that big step to introduce her boyfriend to her family.

She noted that Rema’s decision would go a long way in empowering women.

“Rema, thanks for empowering us. If my man also doesn’t marry me by the end of next year, I’m, walking,” she tweeted

Ntale has in the past been rumoured to be dating Jonah, who was one of the directors of Laftaz in Centenary Park but relocated to the US.

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