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Eleanor Nabwiso’s ‘Bed of Thorns’, scoops award in the UK

The Uganda film industry is celebrating yet another achievement after a drama film that had a production crew consisting of only women, scooped an award over the weekend in London.

The film that is titled, ‘bed of thorns’, produced, written, directed, filmed, and edited by only women, was awarded at the London art house film festival.

Eleanor Nabwiso, who is the producer of the film says that; it is an achievement for women, since the issues addressed in the film, now have a leap.

The film which won in the ‘African category’ echoes the intense gender based violence, in predominant Uganda, and Africa, at large.

“We would like women to speak out about gender based violence, which is why we tagged ‘tosirika’ (translated to mean, don’t keep quiet to the film)” says Eleanor,

She says this will be another vein to pass through the message on behalf of the women.




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