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Bebe Cool and I helped Kenzo meet the president – Balaam

Promoter Balaam Barugahare has come out to say that his efforts with Singer Bebe Cool is the reason Eddy Kenzo met and dined with the President of Uganda. Eddy Kenzo on Monday evening met President Museveni at the state house in Entebbe.

This comes after his Facebook post where he thanked the fans for sharing his video where he was asking where the government is when he was going through a rough time because of the remarks made by Sheikh Nuhu Muzata. Kenzo says he has won awards, promoted the country internationally and sold our local language but has not been supported or appreciated by the Ugandan government.

After sharing his posts and memes of Ugandan government ‘Weyayu’ the President of Uganda finally hosted him. “I was with Bebe Cool and I told him of how we can tell the President to sit down with Eddy Kenzo and hear out his cry” Balaam said.

He went on and said that the President likes and pays those that don’t like him instead of those that like him. Balaam also said that Kenzo talked to Museveni and about his history and hustle that led to his success in the music industry, the President has also committed himself to support Kenzo’s musical projects financially.

Kenzo few months ago, Kenzo released a song titled ‘System Volongoto. The song that was attacking the ruling government was immediately banned. When he met the President, we have learned that he was told about how the system is not volongoto but rather clear and only those who are always with the President will know that as opposed to those on the outside.

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