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Anita Fabiola to appear on BBC Africa women talk show

She has been thrown out of places, ridiculed by some, but television personality Anita Fabiola grows and improves her craft by day. As such, she has won herself television gigs as far as West Africa and on other big international stages. 

Today, Fabiola revealed that she landed a gig at BBC Africa on an all-woman talk show dubbed ‘The She Word’. 

She will be one of the panelists, joining three other brainy women from Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Kenya. 

The She Word is a pan African BBC discussion TV programme launched on BBC Africa last year. Panelists explore the life experiences of women in today’s Africa and ask questions like: what is special about being an African woman? Is an African woman understated? How do we break down gender stereotypes? Can we celebrate the successes of female entrepreneurs in a way that will inspire others? 

Moreso, audiences see stories told in person, through films or via live broadcasts with one aim- to spark debate and discussion.

The show however does not have permanent panelists.

Kudos Anita!

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