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A tough time to be Patrick Salvador

There are times when problems rain in multitudes, not even one after another. And this is exactly what is happening to comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado.

A few days ago, Salvador was crying foul after his car side mirror was stolen, and that was just, but the beginning of his troubles.

A day later, his Facebook fans’ page was hacked, but he recovered it this morning.

However, it seems his troubles are not over yet. This morning, the comedian said that his car was broken into and his wife’s valuable items plundered.

“First my side mirror was stolen, then my account was hacked and stolen, now my car was broken into and all my and madam’s stuff that I thought was safe was taken. What a month… Naye Kijakugwa (loosely translated to mean, it will end too),” he said in a post on his social media.

We feel your pain bro!

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