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Broken heart or ego: What’s Kenzo really bitter about?

In a live Facebook video last week, Eddy Kenzo broke down in tears as he demanded an apology from Sheikh Muzaata. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA

KENZO WOES: From the time news broke that Rema was getting married to Hamza Sebunya, things have not been ‘normal’ with Eddy Kenzo. Never mind that he and Rema have been separated for almost two years. Although Kenzo wished Rema the best with her newfound love, not everyone was buying it. Besides the social media mockery was Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata, who scoffed at Kenzo for failing to make things official with Rema, a thing that did not go well with the singer. He threw a tantrum and threatened not to perform in Uganda again until the sheikh apologises. But some people wonder if Kenzo stretched this a little too far and if his private life should affect his music. Isaac Ssejjombwe sounds out some people on this.


Caroline Wazemwa Business Development Manager/Rebel Parent

Kenzo should have kept off social media

Kenzo’s frustration was to basically make the news because before Rema’s kukyala he was out of the news. People right now cannot really draw a line between him crying for Rema — his lost love or Muzaata’s comments. A smart person would know it is about the former and not exactly Sheikh Muzaata’s words because, for one, the good old sheikh said nothing about Kenzo, so supergluing on him is uncalled for. He should just accept that he lost a good woman, change for the better and maybe after he gains some emotional maturity, he will hook himself another girl.
The best way a mature person should have dealt with this is by keeping off social media and keeping their mouth shut, which cannot be said of Kenzo. He seems to find pleasure throwing tantrums. Maybe through that he feels all his problems are solved.
About the sheikh apologising, that would tantamount to accepting that he wronged the other party which is untrue. So if Kenzo fits in the shoe of ‘love nigg*s and semyekozos’ that Muzaata talked about, then he cannot go around asking for apologies. He saw himself that way.
Artistes should be ready for the criticism that comes with freedom of expression. If they are not ready for that, then I think the best option is to say ‘no comment’ and save themselves from exposing their ignorance.

George Stanley Nsamba
Artistes are human too

As one that was raised by a single mother, I understand what a god your mother is in your world so for one to disrespect her, it is to disrespect you. Kenzo handled the Rema situation like a real man. It is Muzaata’s disrespect that bothered him. I think Kenzo is an intelligent guy and he knew how best to deal with the issue; although in my opinion, social media would not have been the best avenue. Other than that, people have different ways of handling the breakup and the healing process, so I cannot judge how he went about it.
There are three magic statements that heal the world; thank you, I am sorry, excuse me. Saying sorry should not be hard for a man that teaches peace. Other than that, I think artistes are humans like us with the same emotions as them. However, in respect of that, they should avoid acting out of anger and put into consideration the fans that made them.

Bettinah Praising
Kenzo is using Muzaata to vent

Eddy Kenzo is bitter about himself and his actions and wishes he had done better. It is too late for him to take back the time because the world had always wanted him and Rema to work it out. I do not blame him because everyone gets hurt and reacts differently to the pain. It hurts when someone you once loved leaves you for a hunk who is also a doctor and is not shy about displaying their love to the world.
However, social media is not a good place to “raise a child”. People on social media are brutal… they do not care what comes out or how you feel, so for him to assume that everyone who follows him cares about his feelings is wrong and worse still trying to find sympathy on social media is a wrong approach. The best thing should have been crying in silence.

Kenzo is hurting, true, but he is just using Muzaata’s case to vent. I watched the video clip and the sheikh was talking about “love nigg*s” (men that cohabit with our girls for years and who will never make it official)….is it only Kenzo who has done that? Noooooo. What hurts Kenzo is the fact that Muzaata spoke at Rema’s kukyala but as they say, you choose what annoys you and what makes you happy.
If Muzaata wants to apologise, he can do it to every ‘love nigga*’. If Kenzo is not one, why should that bother him because people attack bigger celebrities all the time, but they never caused World War III.
People react differently to situations. We have seen artistes react in a bizarre manner before but they need to look beyond themselves, especially when children are involved as it might affect them at a later stage in life. It looks to me like Kenzo lacks that friend he can confide in time of need. Celebs need to know what to say when to say it and if they cannot control their emotions, they should hire a PR team to sort that out.

Nasser Tonda, a.k.a Sesa Bat Social media comic
If Muzaata must apologise, let it be privately

Sesa Bat

Sesa Bat

Muzaata crossed the line by insulting Kenzo’s late mother but Kenzo is just hiding under that and his frustration clearly shows he is still hurt about losing Rema to Dr Sebunya. It was unnecessary for Kenzo to post personal issues, including screenshots on social media, even going ahead to cry like a baby calling out to the government for help. He just turned into a joke for people to laugh about. He should have just kept quiet because time heals but social media puts you in a bad place.
Artistes need to know the difference between showbiz and family matters. Whatever you do on social media for fame, always try not to involve your family.
About that apology, if there is a need for Sheikh Muzaata to apologise, it should be privately not as Kenzo wishes, although there is no need for an apology since Muzaata did not mention the name “Kenzo” rather ‘Love nigg*’.

Shamim Namakula
Artiste consultant
Kenzo should have kept quiet

Eddy Kenzo’s bitterness is because of Rema’s new relationship because Sheikh Muzaata is not the first person to insult him. He is depressed because Rema left and is taking it out on Muzaata. Kenzo should have just kept quiet because that silence would have earned him public sympathy, which would have made Muzaata feel bad and apologise eventually. But because he has said a lot, now it feels like he is mocking the cleric. The sheikh does not have any obligation to apologise because it was his opinion with respect to the freedom of expression we have.
I think artistes should try to keep their private lives out of the media because they are role models. Breaking down on social media the way Kenzo did kinda demotivates the fans. Yes, artistes are human but the public does not know that, so the best Kenzo should have done is keep off social media.

Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone

Chameleone has on numerous occasions threatened to quit the Ugandan music industry and head back to Kenya where his career started. These threats started six years ago during his Badilisha concert at Kyadondo Rugby Club when he said he would relocate to Kenya because of the mistreatment from Ugandan media. In 2015, he again hit at Ugandan journalists for being “too jealous”, a development he said could force him to relocate to Kenya.
“I have done good things for my country but they keep pulling me down. They do not appreciate what I am doing for the banana republic. But when I am in Kenya, I feel loved, the media is positive and if it gets to the worst, I’ll relocate to Kenya where I am appreciated,” he said.

Bebe Cool


Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool is definitely one of the most criticised musicians in Uganda and in his more than 25-year experience doing music, he had never succumbed to pressure until last year in September when he was pelted with bottles during a concert to mark the Swangz Avenue 10-year anniversary.
“For the last few weeks, I had chosen silence as a means to exercise my tolerance for the political events that are currently transpiring in the country. Unfortunately, while at a performance last Friday, I was pelted with bottles and stones by a group of people purportedly because I do not subscribe to their political beliefs.” he wrote.
“For the safety of myself, family, friends and fans, I regrettably would like to announce that I will not be making any public performances until further notice. My prayer is that the current situation in our beloved country doesn’t deteriorate into an unfortunate state. For God and My Country.”
It took him three months to return to Uganda from the US.

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