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Syliver Kyagulanyi celebrates 40 years with tribute to God

The evolution of music in Uganda has something to do with singer and Lawyer Syliver Kyagulanyi given his relentless contribution as a singer and a writer to Uganda’s music industry over the years.

In the late 90’s as Uganda’s music industry transitioned from “kadongo kamu” genre to afro ragga locally called kidandali, music saw a lot of talent come up. Kyagulanyi was among the artistes that embarked on a music career in the early 2000s.

It’s factual that Kyagulanyi introduced many artistes to music as a mentor and a writer but the most important is that he created great talents who can testify to his efforts. The song writing maestro recently celebrated his fourth decades on planet earth and as part of celebrations to mark his 40th birthday, the musician-turned lawyer, released a gospel song titled ‘Ekisa Ekinoondola’ loosely translated as ‘Grace That Follows me’ as a tribute to the creator for making him hit the 40 year milestone.

The song comes off an album that has 13 songs and is already on Apple Music. When we contacted Kyagulanyi, he said that he is at a point where he is reflecting on his life.

“I want to thank God for all the good things but even for the scars because they remain as signposts to remind me that it could have been worse if not for the Grace” Kyagulanyi added.

He says that he is an introvert who became a household name when he was still a teenager and day by day he struggled with living in the limelight. “At 31, I wanted to retire from public life and I actually started building another home in a forest to live a reclusive life but the Grace wouldn’t let me” he concluded.

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