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Rain comes as a blessing at Picnic Movie

Some of the revealers at the do (Photo by Lawrence Ogwal)

Last Saturday was not a good day for those who had outdoor events. Slightly moving away from the social events, weddings and introduction ceremonys last Saturday were disrupted by a whole day downpour. The rain that started in the afternoon went on till evening. The Picnic Movie last Saturday was proof that no rain formed against the revelers shall prosper.

Afri perfoming for the party lover at the Baily’s movie picnic(Photo by Lawrence Ogwal)

Even in the drizzles later in the evening, partiers were seen thronging the venue with their Baileys bottles, which were the ticket to the event. Accessing the event was not by cash but it required one to buy 4 Baileys Cocktails at particular places to get 2 Tickets at the entrance.

They didn’t care about the rain, they turned up(Photo by Lawrence Ogwal)

Because the weather was chilly, many turned up with blankets and heavy jackets to warm them as they watched performances from Afrie, Jc Muyonjo, and Body of Brian. The picnic was then wrapped up just like the past editions. The revelers got their eyes glued on ‘A Star is Born’, a movie whose story is about musician Jackson Maine who falls in love with-struggling artist Ally.

The Picnic is an annual event that happened at Seven Trees in Kololo before finding a new home at the Sheraton Hotel Gardens where it has happened twice.

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