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Pallaso impresses at Nyege Nyege

Pallaso performs at Nyege Nyege

Pallaso is a mainstream artiste. One that you will rarely find at a Ugandan festival.

It becomes worse if the festival in question is Nyege Nyege in Njeru at the Nile Discovery on the banks of the River Nile.

It is a festival famed for programming the other music, not for radio and probably experimental. Yet, even when he took to the stage after an energetic one by Mo Roots and mad electronic sets, he managed to ensure he was the man of the moment.

Knowing that Nyege Nyege attracts a large audience of non-Ugandans, he came with the intention of introducing himself to an audience that doesn’t know or even loathe him.

He ensured that he doesn’t do what he usually does in local bars and concerts where he schedules a playlist that is followed from a song to the next.

Instead, he embraced the Nyege Nyege spirit where most of his set was a jam session.

From an instrumental track to the next, he was freestyling most of the time he was on stage that it was only Go Down Low, a collaboration with Sheebah and Wine and Wine that he seemed to perform.

And of course, the audience at Nyege Nyege loves a jam session, they feed off that energy and always feel involved. It’s not surprising that by the time he was done, many of them yearned for more.

But Pallaso was just the beginning of Mainstream artistes hitting the Nyege Nyege stage, that is yet to be hit by Sheebah Karungi on Saturday and a whole lot of Talent Africa acts such as Lillian Mbabazi, The Mith, Peter Miles and  Byg Ben Sukuya. The artistes will come together for a special performance celebrating Talent Africa’s ten years in the music industry.

Elsewhere, revellers at this year’s Nyege Nyege were treated to a silent disco hosted by Ug Mix, courtesy of the flagship Uganda Waragi, it was almost an immediate way of reacting to a Njeru resident that had staged a silent disco outside the festival grounds last year.

The festival goes on up to Monday morning.

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