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A wrap up of Nyege Nyege festival: this is what really happened

Photo by Gabriel Buule

Lovers of music can recall the vocal-driven collaboration of singer Reginah Belle and Peabo Bryson dubbed ‘A whole new world’.  In the song Reginah Belle imagines a virtual world with lyrics like “…a whole, new world a dazzling place I never knew…”

Right, Nyege Nyege was yet another new world in a dazzling place called Nile discovery resort in Jinja where arts lovers and revelers seemingly seceded for four days from the republic of Uganda and all over the world to enjoy art.

The un-usual dress styles, the foods and yes, the drinking presumably never seen before in Uganda. The 24 hours and 4 days of active party revelers could hardly seek services outside the Nile Discovery premises.

Photo by Gabriel Buule

Besides, the main bars powered by Bell Jamz and Uganda Waragi, all corners of the festival had drinking areas for both hard and soft drinks.  Still where the eateries, camping areas, security, mobile health facilities and of course the mighty Rolex at the heart of the Nile.

From the gamers and intimacy at the UG love resort to the musical antics on several stages, Nile discovery resort was home of everything new compared to the usual. In an extremely special experience, The UG love resort seemed special that revelers took to face painting, silent disco and outdoor games.

Indeed the festival lived up to its billing giving a room to collective arts as various genres of dance, Music, deejaying and visual arts where at a go.

The attendance

Comparing to the festivals that have happened in Uganda this year, Nyege Nyege remains special that even with the hiked ticket prices revelers kept flocking the Festival.

Photo by Gabriel Buule

Revelers evidently kept in groups of their Nationalities that one moment the Kenyans irresistibly took over the Bell Jamz stage to dance to Kenyan Music. So were the Ethiopians and Tanzanians who lauded their countrymen when they turned up to perform on various stages.

Truly, it was evident that the festival is an asset to the tourism sector given the fact that the majority where  whites even-though this time round Ugandans travelled from different parts of the country to enjoy the festival.

The Performances

Blends of traditional and urban traditional performances were at a glance. However, Deejaying was the thing and in an un-usual manner there was more female Djs compared to the male. Besides a couple of international acts, local performers where represented by dancer and deejay Faisal Ddamba alias Mostrixx, Sheebah, Singer Pallaso alias Pius Mayanja and Mo-Roots among many.

Photo by Gabriel Buule

What exactly it was

Not the shaking tents and skimpily dressed humans because it happens everywhere but these were four days of pure art at the source of the Nile.

In a collective arts event that included an artist residency and community studios with two record labels that includes Nyege Nyege Tapes and Hakuna Kulala as an artist management agency and a legendary party crew called Boutiq Electroniq.

While at Nyege Nyege Festival, it was all about a showcase of all the exciting developments on the East African scene, to show daring projects and give a real voice to the underground, making it a highlight for both audiences and musicians and art alike.

Photo by Gabriel Buule

The four day Non-Stop Party at Nile Discovery resort was about sound of drums, a Musical Celebration, Pioneering Musical Styles, Creative workshops and electronic music among many other activities as revelers got an experience to navigate the Nile

Finally and most importantly, Nyege Nyege was all about dancing, because when the Nyege hits you, the urge to dance is never controllable, so  people let the experience take-over in the whole new world of Nyegerians.

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