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VIDEO: Kenzo and Rema’s separation is affecting the children

Eddy Kenzo hands Rema a bouquet of flowers during one of her birthday celebrations. PHOTO by Michael Kakumirizi/courtesy

Singer Rema Namakula might be over the moon over getting engaged to her fiance while Eddy Kenzo is busy performing aboard but their separation is taking a toll on their children.

Maya Musuza, Kenzo’s oldest daughter had a strong bond with her half-sister Amaal but with the separation of the parents, it only means that Rema’s only daughter will no longer have access to her sister the way she has been.

The two childrem have stayed together for over four years

For the past four years, the two had grown to not only be sisters but best friends. They had been raised in the same family and Rema was raising up Maya as her own. Her engagement with Hamza means she will be starting a new life with Amaal while Maya will stay with the father.

In a clip that we came across, Aamal was seen depressed. “She’s sad because I’m not going to go with her. She’s sad because I’m not going to go and sleep at her home,” Maya said while rubbing her hands into her little sister’s hair.

Even when Aamal was told to give Maya a big hug, she didn’t.


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