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Museveni mistakenly refers to Bebe Cool as Bobi

President Museveni and Bebe Cool at Catherine Kusasira’s concert on Friday September 20, 2019

It is no longer news that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni attended Catherine Kusasira’s concert is no longer news. In fact the president also revealed that before Kusasira’s show, he had attended two musical concerts. Tubonga Nawe in Munyonyo and the other one being Bebe Cool’s ‘Golden Hearts’.

Kusasira’s concert was special. When speaking about the number of concerts he had so far attended, the president had issues mentioning Bebe Cool’s name.

At the mention of the first two letters of Bobi Wine’s name, revelers chanted in a chorus, reminding the President that he was about to blunder. Then he mentioned Bebe Cool.

“There are two or three concerts I’ve attended. The artists sang for me in Munyonyo sometime back, then the second time I was at a show during the concert for my son Bo…….Bebe Cool at Kololo and then this one,” said the president.

He was speaking about his little experience in attending concerts and what happens at the concerts. This was after the emcee Robert Segawa asked him to make an open bar to which he said everyone should be given a fanta.

The president came in company of Bebe Cool who also sat next to him at the show. Their table was distanced from several others in the auditorium.

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