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Lilian, Dorah Mwima now BFFs

Well, we cannot call them co-wives because all they have in common is a baby daddy and before Dorah Mwima’s missive unveiling Radio as her baby daddy, we did not even think they were friends. Now it looks like the big blow the two experienced when Radio died created a stronger bond between Lilian Mbabazi and Mwima.

We have seen photos of the two hanging out together and last Saturday during the Tokosa Festival, we got confirmation that the bond is not only social media deep. The two ladies were seen seated together and laughing while their children played.

When Lilian was called to perform, Mwima’s husband took the responsibility of looking after Izuba and Asante with the fondness of a father. Lilian, when asked the kind of relationship she has with Mwima, said she appreciates having known her because she is a lovely person… awww :)!

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