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I found Fame making only 400K every Wednesday- Mc Kats

A social media war erupted this morning between Kololo based hangout spot Fame Lounge and events host Mc Kats. This was after a statement was uploaded on Fame Lounge’s official Facebook page stating that Kats was fired from the bar where he was been hosting his theme night event every Wednesday.

Kats who hosted the ‘Meet the celebrity night’ every Wednesday was going on well with the bar until they fell out last night. According to the statement by Fame Lounge, Kats has been disrespecting management and patrons of the bar. “ He has always belittled management with phrases like ‘I fear Only God’, worse still, he went on and belittled patrons on the microphone whenever he is on stage yet the patrons are the reason we exist” part of the statement by Fame Lounge read.

On the other hand, Mc Kats also came out and told his fans and customers at Fame Lounge that the Meet a Celebrity night will not happen tomorrow but very soon he will announce their next home. “I have done theme nights in bars for close to 15 years and no one has never fired me, I have worked with Sway, Rouge, Nexus, Guvnor” Kats said. He concluded saying that when they treat him like he is not making any money, he walks away because he was is not from a broke family but this is the road he chose.

The bar Management also stated that Kats was being paid Shs1.5M every Wednesday but on top of that, he drank alcohol and ate food for free and promised to pay the debt but never paid any single coin. On the other hand, Kats said that he found the bar making Shs400K a month and with his influence, they have been making  Shs8-10M.

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