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I don’t do music for the money – Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

One question that has kept on arising time and time again is whether Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool gets back the money he invests in his music videos. For the last five years, the Gagamel boss has been investing hugely in music videos and it has become a public concern whether he benefits from this going by the fact that he doesn’t really earn so much from the events he performs at.

Well, the singer cleared the air about that issues yesterday when he was hosted on NTV the Beat. He said that his no longer at a level where he does music for financial gains. According to him, his music right now is about leaving a legacy and inspiring the young generation musicians.

“My music seized being about financial gains or survival, it became a legacy that I’m building for the country. It’s about how far we can go as an industry. We have been criticized for a very long time for having substandard work both audio and visual so I had to step things up for others to also do the same,” he said.

The ‘wire wire’ musician also added that since his machines are already in the country, it’s a big opportunity for musicians to also step up their game by hiring the machines for good quality videos.

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