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Gravity Omutujju explains why he doesn’t consider GNL Zamba a Hip Hop legend

Gravity Omutujju

GNL Zamba is considered a legend in Uganda mainly because of his massive contribution to the Hip Hop industry musically. He’s one of the artistes many people are still missing because of his lyrical content but despite all that, Gravity Omutujju thinks otherwise.

The Lugaflow musician says that GNL is not a legend because he lucks some qualities that legends must possess. “GNL doesn’t have 15 hits to his name, he was only relevant for two or three years and hasn’t even held five concerts. In fact, I only know one concert that was at Kati Kati,” said Gravity in an interview.

GNL Zamba

The ‘Kapayo’ musician also added that one of the reasons for Zamba’s departure from Uganda was that the heat had become too much for him to handle and so he decided to seek refuge in California. His final reason was that GNL was singing old-fashioned music that few people were interested in.

“I was responsible for chasing GNL Zamba away from Uganda and can’t allow him to come back. He was singing old-fashioned things. Very few people were interested in what he was singing and my coming was a blessing because I changed the style of music which was appealing to many people.”

He added that Ugandans love to dance and even if you don’t say anything in a song they can just dance to the beat which the ‘Koyi Koyi’ artiste failed to notice.

GNL has not yet responded to Gravity’s statement but we shall keep you posted.

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