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Chameleone’s nursery education cost Shs2000 per term

The receipt

We indeed come from far. He might be one of Uganda’s biggest musicians with millions of followers and fans but Jose Chameleone once paid shs2,000 for his school fees.

The Leone Island boss earlier today shared on his social media platforms a receipt from his nursery school where his father paid for him shs2,000 for first term at Modern Nursery school Acacia Avenue Kololo.

Chameleone, who went by the name Joseph Mayanja in nursery school in 1983, among other requirements, needed to report to school with two rolls of toilet paper.

He captioned the picture saying. “This is where it began. Thank you Mr Mayanja Amidst all odds, education was paramount.”

It might seem like a small amount of money, but adjusted for dollar rates in 1983 and 2019, Chameleone’s father paid Shs556,000.

Dollar rate in 1983: Shs13.12

Dollar Rate Today: Shs3,674

When you divide 2000 by 13.12, you get 152.4

Multiply 152.4 by the current dollar rate (3,674)= 560,000

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