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B2C In trouble over their latest song


It is said that ‘Sexual healing’ by the late Marvin Gaye is one of the songs that has mostly been pirated but till now, Gaye’s family is surviving off the money they are getting from people they sue for pirating the song.

In Uganda, there was a lot of back and forth arguments concerning the late Philly Bongole’s songs when a good number of musicians came and re-did his songs.

Then Geosteady was in trouble over his breakthrough song ‘Viola’ which was originally sung by the late Elly Wamala.

The latest occurrence involves music trio B2C who are apparently in hot soup after they allegedly covered Kadongokamu artiste Harriet Sanyu’s ‘Tebigatika’ song without her consent.

“I haven’t given any one permission to use my song and with that, they are going to face the consequences when I get back,” said Harriet Sanyu who is away in the US in a voice note.

She also noted that on learning that the ‘Gutujja’ musicians had plagiarized her song, she advised them to delete it from YouTube and also pay her for damages because they have inflicted damage on her original composition.

“I’m mostly annoyed by the fact that they did last what they should have done first. Instead of approaching me for permission before doing the song, they have just come to me after learning of the repercussions.”

The Matendo guitar singer further warned the boys that it should be the last time they will infringe on someone’s song before they get their consent.

It is said that B2C on the other hand have been trying to lure her into settling the issues amicably but she’s not cooperating. While while she’s away, Harriet Sanyu has entrusted Mariam Ndagire, the president of the Uganda Female Preforming Artistes Uganda to handle the matter.


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