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Afro-soul artiste Lilly Kadima to hold concert at national theatre

There must be something about National Theatre and musicians who fancy the afro-soul genre given the fact that it is rare to see a mainstream musician hold a show at National Theatre.

However, for afro-soul artistes it is becoming a norm for them to use National theatre as their venue for their concerts. From Giovani Kiyingi’s ‘Just Giovani’ to Kenneth Mugabi’s ‘Strings of my Soul’ among others, here comes Lilly Kadima’s ‘Ighe Olinaki’ (Nabirye in the city experience).

The self-established singer  who has been a regular face on Bayimba and Doa Doa Festivals will be live in concert at the National Theatre auditorium in her her second concert  following her first in 2018 in Jinja.

Kadima a self – branded Ugandan afro-fusionist and a multi linguistic singer who is the brain behind songs like ‘Nazaala’, and ‘Akuloga’ announced that she will be performing at National theatre on 18th October.

Kadima notes that at the concert, she will be unveiling her new album ‘Ighe Olinaki’ which is her second album. She adds that she is also currently working on other songs in various genres that include Afro-pop, RnB and Reggae.

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