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Not every artiste gets an anthem – Big Tril

Parte after parte: One of the things that will, without doubt, define 2019 is the slogan parte after parte. Big Tril, real name Rowland Raymond Kaiza, finally got his big break and he is enjoying the ride. Isaac Ssejjombwe caught up with the former Baboon Forest artiste about this moment.

‘Parte after parte…’ How does it feel hearing that and what inspired the song?

It feels good to see people happy and celebrating the music. The feeling is simply priceless!

The beat for the song was inspired after I saw a video of Pastor Ssempa making rounds on the Internet. He was talking about how the youth live frivolously and engage in party after party after party… so I just picked up the line and turned it into a song. I recorded the song about two months ago and released it a month later after recording.

Did you expect the song to blow up the way it did?

Hahaha! I just tried my best to do a good song. It is never up to the musician to determine if the song will be a hit, it always comes down to the people we make the music for and based on the reception it has received, I think we can all agree it is a smash hit.

True. Now can we agree it is your biggest song ever and you are ripe for a concert?

It is currently my biggest song because of the reception and love it has received and it is also number 1 on iTunes Uganda Top 100 Apple Music Chart. But it is not my biggest song ever! I am yet to make my biggest song ever… and it will win Uganda its first Grammy… Amen to that!

About the concert… hahaha, I will hold a concert but I will not do it because I have a hit song. I will have it because it is the right time. My concert will be something special and it is going to happen sooner than you think.

Sometimes a hit song can determine the destiny of an artiste. What is your strategy to stay relevant?

I have had hit songs before but Parte after Parte is not a hit, it is an anthem. Many musicians go through careers enjoying hit after hit but not all of us get anthems and I am so grateful to be one of them. I produced Parte After Parte and I have been producing music, so I have a lot in store, just watch the space. That is how I plan on staying relevant.

You mention music production. Is this you planning life after music?

Yes, I am always planning ahead and exploring the many talents God blessed me with, including playing different instruments; I am getting into business too. So there is a lot of planning going on.

On Production

I learnt music production on the Internet using Google and YouTube. Among the other songs I have produced is Giddem featuring Beenie Gunter and another single Bodaz Bodaz N Guns.

Future of UG hip hop

Ugandan’s hip hop scene is vibrant. The new rappers are doing their thing and 2019 has had two major rap songs; Bango Baliwanika and Parte After Parte. So I think the future is bright for UG rap/Hip hop.

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