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Julie Mutesasira’s son hopes to win East Africa Got Talent


Ezekiel Mutesasira is one of the contestants at the East Africa Got Talent (EAGT) competitions. The competition is a platform for participants of all ages throughout four East African countries of; Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Briefly tell us about yourself?

My name is Ezekiel Mutesasira. I am an 11-year-old in Primary Four pupil at Hormisdallen School, Kamwokya. I am the second born of three siblings.

When did you start singing?

I started singing when I was one year old. My aunt, Gladys Babirye tells me that every time I saw people on TV singing, I would imitate them.

How did you join East Africa Got Talent?

I did not know anything about the competition until my aunt Babirye mentioned it to my sister and I. By the time she saw the advert, it was one week to the end of registrations. Aunt Babirye recorded us singing and sent the video to the organisers. The next day which was May 19, she took us to Pearl of Africa Hotel for auditions. On June 2, we received a phone call confirming that my sister and I were among the 30 Ugandans who had been nominated for the competition.

What is your most memorable stage moment so far?

It is the time my sister and I were singing and the judge asked us to wait. I got scared and almost cried. I thought we were going to be disqualified, but when he asked me to sing alone, I gained confidence and made sure I did my best.  I also found the comments from the judges encouraging. I remember one of the judges saying bring your big lungs out.

What are your expectations at EAGT competitions?

I pray that my sister and I win these competitions. We are practising and are going to do our best in the semi-finals this month.

In case you win the competition what do you plan to use the money for?

I will first give tithe to God, build a home for the disabled and orphaned children and use the remaining money to process the required travel documents to Canada. I want to visit my mother.

Any achievements from singing so far?

Yes, they are many but the best was in 2017 when I emerged winner at Uganda Has Got Talent competitions at Club Obligato. I won a trip to USA and performed at Uganda North American Association (UNAA) convention. There, I sang the American Nation anthem, the Canadian anthem, the East African anthem and the Uganda National anthem, among other songs.

What do you like most about music?

Every time I sing or listen to music, I feel happy. I also learn from musicians such as Beyoncé, Whitney Houston and Ariana Grande.  They have beautiful vocals.

What type of songs do you sing?

I sing Gospel and inspirational music.

What do you want to be in future?

I want to be a professional musician, whose music impacts lives.

Have you had any vocal training before?

No, I have not had any trainer or vocal training, I just listen to different musicians singing and then practice with my sister.

How do you balance school and music?

I only miss weekend classes because I have performances on Saturdays.  I sing at weddings and other Christian parties.  On Sunday, I sing at Church.  However, when I report back to school on Mondays I ask my friends to help me with their books and I copy notes.

How do you spend your free time?

In my free time I sing any song that makes me happy.   I also try to compose my own songs. So far, I have written one song titled Change the story in Africa.

What inspired that song?

The condition of the children in the ghetto areas such as lack of food and shelter inspired the lyrics.

Who is your role model?

Ariana Grande is my role model because I like her voice.

What is your advice to children?

Children should love one another, respect their parents and love God.

Quick Notes

Parents: Steven and Julie Mutesasira

Best subject: Mathematics

Best colour: Blue

Best dish: Rice and groundnuts

Best outfit: Suits

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