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Nyege Nyege Festival extends horizon as it returns in 5th edition

Some of the sponsors of the 2019 Nyege Nyege Festival at the press conference last evening (Photo by Eddie Chicco)

Approximately 28 days and some hours remaining for the highly anticipated Nyege Nyege event. Just like Wine, Nyege Nyege keeps getting bigger and better and this year’s annual event will see over 300 artists perform and most of these artistes will be coming in from different parts of the world. From the US, China and from all over Africa. Being the 5th edition, it aims to bring forth the full force of the Ugandan and East African creative spirit.

Music being the main subject on the Nyege Nyege program, the 300 performers will be coming from over 30 countries and will also explore the spectrum of alternative pop sounds from a new generation of African producers, including Ethiopian EDM sensation Rophnan and Ugandan dancehall Queen Sheebah Karungi. Headlining the festival will be Fulu Mziki the legendary eight piece band from Kinshasa will make their first appearance outside of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Dj Diaki, the Balani king of Bamako will bang out his showcase of Mali’s unique sound system culture, Mauritanian synth freak-out masters WZN will perform for the first time outside their country.

Sheebah is one of the performers at this year’s Nyege Nyege festival

Menzi and Phelimuncasi will bring the hard Gqom and Sgubhu sound of Durban, while Yugen Blakrock will represent the burgeoning South African hip-hop scene. WZN will make their first trip outside of Mauritania with their psychedelic desert synths. Infrapa will breathe new life in his twisted kalindula soukous hiphop from Kisangani. Jako Maron from Reunion Island and Afro Rack from Uganda, two of the continents Modular Synth pioneers will also perform live at the festival.

They will also be growing links with South East Asia bringing DJ and label boss of Chinese label Genome 666, Kilo Vee as well as Chinese Underground producers Hyph11e, Gooooose and 33EMYBW. Japanese alternative hip-hop and break-core artists Dj Scoth Egg and DJ Die Soon and very hopefully a big surprise from Indonesia among other performers.

Fulu Mziki the legendary eight piece band from Kinshasa will be headlining the festival

Performances, happenings, situations and art installations featuring dancers, acrobats, graffiti artists, fortune tellers, musicians, inventors and rainmakers among others all coming together to create one grand adventure that lasts for four days, right at the source of the Nile.

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