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VIDEO: Dembe FM’s Binah Baibe starts the John Blaq ‘dumb’ Challenge


Dembe FM presenter Robina Mbabazi Mulera commonly known as Binah Baibe is one radio host who loves to live a fun life. While presenting the mid-morning show on KFM show dubbed ‘Mubeezi’ is always seen dancing to different songs the most recent one being ‘Gansiwa’.

Binah Baibe has come out to show her fan side when she decided to start a challenge titled ‘Bwa Bwa’. ‘Bwa Bwa’ is a word that defines hottest artiste in Uganda at the moment John Kasadha trading as John Blaq.

Earlier last week, there was talk that John Blaq and his crew beat up singer BB Zanda who is said to be copying his style of singing. When we contacted John Blaq, he opted to stay silent about the singer and the incidence.

Over the weekend, he appeared in front of the camera and he was asked the same question. When everyone thought he was going to answer about the incidence, he kept quiet, acted dumb and rolled his head to the left, right and back as he looked in the camera.

Binah has done the same after recording a video of herself being asked about the same scenario and all she did was go dumb like John Blaq did.



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