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Tortured musician Ziggy Wine dies at Mulago

Ziggy Wine. Courtesy photos

Michael Kalinda, Ziggy Wyne, a musician attached to the recording studio owned by the Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, has died.

Bobi Wine confirmed Ziggy’s death that happened on Sunday night at Mulago National Referral hospital.

“Last night, my brother, friend and fellow artiste Ziggy Wyne passed on at Mulago hospital,” he posted on his facebook timeline on Monday.

Ziggy was kidnapped a couple of weeks ago by unknown people who beat him beyond recognition.

On Friday evening, Mr Kyagulanyi took to social media to announce: “My close friend and fellow artist (sic) was kidnapped a couple of weeks back, beaten beyond recognition, his left eye plucked out, two of his fingers cut off, all his belongings taken and dumped in Mulago Hospital and left for dead.”

“He looked to be in a lot of pain. Sometimes he would get off the bed and walk to the toilet. At one time we had to tie him to the bed to restrain his movements,” our source said.
The source said Ziggy had an injury on the eye but doubted reports that his eye had been removed.

The artiste was put on antibiotics. All the time he was admitted to the ward, he had no attendant and was hardly eating, which according to medical personnel might have caused his health to deteriorate further.

After his relatives discovered his whereabouts and were concerned about his health, medical personnel were prompted to do a CT scan because Ziggy was bleeding endlessly from the ears. “We found that he was bleeding in the brain,” our source revealed.

“Zigy Wyne’s last days on earth were very painful. Zigy was a solid member of the Firebase Crew, a hard-working young man and strong supporter of People Power. Like many young Ugandans, he was looking forward to a better country,” Bobi Wine eulogised Ziggy.

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