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Slayers too have true love – Jovan

Mr deejay: Jovan Ssempungu, alias Deejay Giovanni’s dream to be a star was never shattered even when his education journey ended in secondary school. With a creative mind, he chose to venture into gospel deejaying, a niche that has created for him a big audience. Gabriel Buule talks to him about love deejay work.

What inspired you to be a deejay?
First, it was the love for music. I used to like music a lot but I discovered that I couldn’t sing. But I was yearning to engage in music. My friend, DJ Easy Samuel, who used to visit me at school, introduced deejaying skills to me. I used to see how he did his work and I wanted to be just like him. At some point I got addicted that I was prompted to dodge classes to go in the computer lab to learn the art of deejaying via internet.

How does a gospel DJ differ from other deejays?
The art of deejaying is the same but the difference is the message in the music we play. As a gospel Dj, I play positive music, music that inspires, educates people and music with gospel message.
People say that there is a thin line between deejays and drugs. Is that true?

I personally don’t do drugs or drink. The issue of drugs have a lot to do with personality. Some deejays do drugs and drink because they have to keep awake till morning and to some, it is peer pressure. Some do not do drugs at all. If you can avoid drugs, please do.
How often do you get deejays gigs?
Getting gigs depends on how popular one is. Christian gigs are seasonal.

If you were to date a woman, would you pick one in church?
Church girls are good but getting a girl out of church and bringing her to church myself is a better deal. I can’t date church girl.

Do you have children?
I have no child and I don’t have a wife as well. However, I am seeing someone. I choose not to expose her to media.

Would you date a church girl or a slayer?
I think slayers have true love but it depends on one’s character. I like someone who is beautiful, wise and presentable. But church too has some slayers.

Would you allow your pastor to choose for you a spouse?
No. A fat no! The only thing my pastor can do is to give me advice but the responsibility of choosing a marriage partner is exclusively mine. I mean I will have to stay with her for the rest of my life, not the pastor.

Would you cry if she cheated on you?
I don’t easily break down to cry. If it happens and I find out she cheated on me, she would have to explain.

Childhood struggles

“I grew up with his grandmother who catered for all my necessities. I was performed so well in primary I was given a half bursary.
I had to do some manual work at school, digging around the school garden and helping builders at school to earn.

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