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No ‘bad blood’ between Salvador and Alex Muhangi

Alex Muhangi at Just comedy last evening

When it became public knowledge that Patrick Salvador was starting a weekly comedy show dubbed ‘Just comedy’, some people jumped into conclusion that he had started the show to directly compete with Alex Muhangi who also has a weekly show dubbed ‘Comedy store’.

This came from the fact that while Muhangi was still hosting comedy store from Dinars Lounge in Bukoto, he and Salvador encountered some differences that they later solved. But being in the limelight, people thought their grudge was still on not until yesterday when Alex Muhangi turned up for the debut of Salvador’as comedy night.

He was in company of three people and they were offered a VIP table at the front and on a number of occasions, Salvador sent shoutouts to him. Even Eric Omondi, the headlining act credited the Ugandan comedians for exhibiting unity amongst themselves.

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