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John Blaq distances self from beating artiste

Remember how Clever J almost built a career out of sounding husky like Jose Chameleone. Well, one Aloysious Katamba, an upcoming artiste may have landed in trouble for sounding like John Blaq.

It is said Katamba who goes by the stage name BB Zanda was attacked by a clique that almost killed him. Zanda who was allegedly attacked after performing at some bar on Salaama Road over the weekend says he noticed it were people from John Blaq’s camp although he couldn’t notice if the ‘Kanotoka’ musician was among them.

It is said a case was reported at the Katwe Police who have since summoned John Blaq to help them with investigations. However, when John Blaq was contacted, he said he has a lot to think about and can’t be distracted by such allegations.

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