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I live for negativity- Tinah Fierce

Tinah Fierce

No matter how popular celebs get, they still have to deal with haters. Some fire back, while others shut them down in more subtle ways.

Bubbly Christine Karungi, commonly known as Tinah Fierce is one of the most controversial television personalities in showbiz in Kampala.

Breaking out three years ago, Tinah took over popular gossip show Scoop on Scoop from Mary Luswata. But with this, Tinah has had her dose of backlash from fans and celebrities because of the structure of her show.

On her show, Tinah talks gossip and gives her opinion about events that happen in the showbiz world, however, this does not really go well with so many people.

But Tinah says the backlash keeps her going.

In a YouTube interview with Crystal Newman, Tinah said she does not mind the negativity.

“I live for the negativity. If no one is saying anything, it means you are doing absolutely nothing,” she said.

Speaking about her life, family and business, Tinah revealed that she deals with a lot of that daily.

“I have had people reach out and say- oh you are so full of it. The negativity, I live for it. For you to appreciate how positive life is, you need to have tonnes of negativity thrown your way. Because imagine, if everything was always this beautiful, this controlled, what would you do if you were faced with a situation that was not this beautiful and controlled. You would freak out,” she adds.

For her, the negativity gives life meaning.

“You can’t experience the good times if you don’t know the bad times. It gives me a good idea of the impact I am having. If no one is saying anything, it means I am doing absolutely nothing, I am just existing, wasting space and oxygen.

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