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I can’t stop twerking, it’s my signature- Winnie Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi

Over the last month, local artiste Winnie Nwagi has suffered a backlash over her ‘indecent’ dressing and ‘inappropriate’ dance moves.

Her troubles started in July when she was hired to perform during an event at St Mary’s College Kisubi.

Videos from the event later emerged showing Nwagi dancing very closely to a boy (with his back on the wall). In other scenes, her dancers were seen twerking before students, rubbing their bodies against the boys, amid cheers from the audience.

After a series of interrogation by the anti-pornography committee, Nwagi issued an apology through her social media accounts. Her managers, Swangz Avenue also issued an apology in regard to the conduct.

However, less than a month later, the singer has retracted her apology. In an interview with Spark TV, Nwagi said she cannot stop twerking as it is her identity.

“I have my own style, I have a way I behave when I am performing on stage and people find it offensive,” she says.

She also adds, “Everyone has their own dancing styles. Some dance while raising their hands as if robots. I do not dance like a robot. I will bend, I will shake my butt, and I will do anything that the music tells me. I listen to music and let my body move according to the music. People want me to dance like a robot but that will not be possible.”

Last month, pornography Control Committee chairperson Dr Annette Kezaabu Kasimbazi, condemned Nwagi’s performance.

Kezaabu said the presentation of the singer was not only against the law but also in breach of the cultural and religious norms of the Ugandan society.

“This affects the good morals and upbringing of children.”

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