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Food festival is not replacing the carnival- KCCA

Namuddu Juliet Nambi and Peter Kaujju explaining to the media during a press conference. (Photo By Isaac Ssejjombwe)

Kampala Capital City Authority announced a few days ago that they were introducing a new event known as the ‘Food street Festival’,  slated to happen on September 7th along Parliamentary Avenue.

With this announcement, some sections of the public asked whether it’s replacing the KCCA carnival that last happened in 2017. According to the officials at KCCA, the two events are totally different.

“The Food street festival is a completely different event and it’s not replacing the carnival. It is a smaller event compared to the carnival because we are having it on just one street yet the carnival happens on different Kampala streets,” explained the KCCA Director of Education and Social Services, Mrs Namuddu Juliet Nambi.

The Food Street fest will host food lovers within the city to a day of merrymaking on the food filled street is organised by KCCA and My Food Network in partnership with Tusker Lite to bring food lovers an unforgettable food fest.


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