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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos


Money can’t buy class

Confusing, right? I mean, money should get you anything in the world. The flashy cars, mansions, power, status, tabloid space, and a few other pleasures that come with having quid. Even then, it’s a shame that some of the richest people often lack the final piece in the puzzle, class! The word itself says it all. Speaks volume without exactly saying a lot. Class doesn’t shout neither does it beg for attention.

Class is always in lone company. Often attractive without looking inviting. Class walks into a room and the air feels or smells different. Class takes the lead through following. It commands respect without demanding for it. Class is taming a your appetite at a food festival.

It’s respectfully walking away after your vibes have been thwarted, not acting like a complete cornball. Class is walking in your girl cheating, and taking it in stride. Prepare them a meal you ungrateful bastard. You are excused of the burden of a cheating rat for the rest of your life. Thank God, you found out early. Class can’t be taught that’s why you have footballers like Zidane and others like Lukaku. It’s in the finer little details. Less is more. Cover your breasts madam, we don’t need them.

Ever wondered why Mercedes Benz remains a premium brand? It’s not a fit for everyone. There are people who just won’t suit a Mercedes Benz however rich they get. It’s for people who have nothing to prove to the world, not some overly excited mofo who just hit some deal and wants to flex. The Benz brand has earned that rite.

The royal family of Britain oozes class. Not particularly flamboyant but the way they carry themselves in the face of criticism and pressure says it all. I have lots of respect for veteran politician Mike Mukula for these reasons. In the heat of all his alleged scandals, he has always handled himself reasonably well. Loves the finer things in life too but not keen to brush them in everyone’s face. Class right there.

So when my beloved Zari acted the way she did at the Miss Uganda crowning, I was ‘shook’. Bosslady, huh?  For the famed entrepreneur, business lady, top followed Ugandan celebrity on Instagram to flip because she was lightly called ‘mama’ brings us to one thing, class!

Just how you treat people who are seemingly of a different class than you says so much about a person. The way you handle fame will always bring the class act out of you or the douche. Even without hits, you would be blinded by Juliana Kanyomozi’s showing of class. Never the one to jump on tables or dress naked to remain relevant. She has respected her brand enough not to cheapen it with downtown behavior. Zari, I still believe in you and I am sure you can correct this glitch.

For others out there wishing to leave lasting impressions on people and places with class, remember this. Understand what you stand for and stay true to it. People with values rarely seek cheap fame. Build a brand and respect it. Also, remember to dress smartly and lastly, please use deodorant.


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