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VIDEO: Are Bruno K and Delivad Julio twins, separated at birth?

Delivad Julio(L) with Bruno K (R)

The adage that everyone in the world has 7 people they look like, could be true going by the vast resemblance that singers Bruno K and B2C’s Delivad Julio have. With no doubt if you have ever done a double take while looking at these singers, I am sure you noticed how these two have almost everything that can make anyone who doesn’t know them to think they are related.

The two RnB singers have in fact taken it to another level that they now workout and hang out together, they even wear matching clothes sometimes. Bruno K’s posts now go by captions like; “Chilling with my twin”, “Twinning”, and the like.

From spotting the same hairstyle, to donning the same attire, and having similar size, one runs to wonder whether Bruno’s captions don’t actually hold water.

Bruno K had his claim to fame after the Airtel raising stars competition where he came out in second place and doing justice to covers on a few Radio and Weasel’s songs, but later penned his original compositions like ‘one for the road’ and ‘Ebisanyi’ with Kabuye Semboga, while Julio is one of the B2C trio who have churned hits such as ‘Tokigeza’, ‘Gutujja’, ‘Gutamiza’, and ‘Heart Of A Winner’ among others.

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